Pain Management Specialist Questions Steroids

Are steroids often recommended for pain?

I have inflammation in my back and the doctor has recommended steroid injections to reduce the pain and the inflammation. Is this common? The idea of it makes me nervous.

3 Answers


I prefer to avoid steroids for back pain as much as possible. There are times it is indicated and could be helpful. Some examples would be a lumbar radiculitis/radiculopathy which is a disc herniation causing nerve impingment and sacroilitis or inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.

Nichelle C. Renk, M.D.
Steroids are a potent anti-inflammatory medication which is used to help treat pain
The use of steroids is very common to decrease pain and inflammation. Talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits. Steroids provide a minimally invasive approach to treatment with the intent to either delay or eliminate the need for surgery. Usually, the pain comes from the inflammatory response the body produces in response to tissue damage and the body needs that inflammatory to decrease in order to heal.