Dentist Questions Teeth clenching

Are there any remedies for teeth clenching?

My jaw hurts a lot and I think it's from me grinding, or clenching, my teeth at night. Are there any remedies to treat teeth clenching?

7 Answers

The best remedy is to get a night or grinding guard to wear. You cant control grinding, but you can control negative effects
Not really
Hello, you can look into getting a night or day guard that helps prevent you from grinding on your teeth. Thank you for your question.
Yes, please google NTI- TSS oral appliance. I have been fabricating them for years and have really helped my patients (also for migraine therapy).
See your dentist right away. Grinding causes not only tooth destruction, but also destruction of your gums/bone and not to mention joint. Long-term damages from grinding are huge. See your dentist and get fitted for a custom made nightguard to begin with. They will also suggest jaw exercises and some muscle relaxants as needed. For more severe cases, a TMD specialist or oral surgeon will be happy to help.

Dr Cherry Harika
Yes, you can get a nightguard to relieve pressure on your teeth. You can buy one diy at pharmacy or have your dentist make you a custom one.
Yes, you can get a night guard to sleep with at night. If still having issues, then there's other things, like Botox or trigger point injections that can help in addition, but the simplest thing is to start by getting a guard from a dentist, not an over-the-counter one.

Owen M. Waldman, DMD