Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Questions Bad behavior

Bad behavior?

Why does my son have rude or bad behavior when he sees new people greeting me?

Male | 9 years old
Complaint duration: 2 years
Medications: None
Conditions: Autism

6 Answers

Social isolation
Children with autism do not like change. A new person is change and is usually not well tolerated. Behavior modification therapy may help him
The possibility exists that he sees them as a threat to your relationship with him. Sitting him down and having a conversation about his behavior and feelings is important. Based on what you find, consider a behavior modification program of accentuating the positive and deemphasizing the negative.
Autistic children don’t typically understand normative social behavior. This may explain his rudeness.
It is because of lack of social skills and lack of communication skills in autism disorder.
It’s an insecurity he has and autism individuals have a hard time not showing how they feel even when they seem unemotional. He feels they might ruin his relationship he had with you and you need to discuss this over and over and don’t let him get away with things. Just because someone has autism, doesn’t mean they can get away with things. Without structure, they tend to be all over. They are ruled by numbers and logic and need structure. Love him and don’t let him ever forget your love ❤️