Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Deafness

A ball hit my ear, hard. Can this make me deaf?

The other day my kids were playing in the garden and the football hit my ears very hard. I heard a ringing in my ears, and now my hearing seems a little clouded. Can it make me deaf?

5 Answers

You should definitely seen an otolaryngologist for an examination followed by an audiologist for formal hearing testing. It is unlikely that this sort of injury would truly make you deaf (i.e., lose all possible hearing), but it could result in a hearing loss (typically what we would refer to as conductive) which may be temporary or require intervention.

It can definitely affect hearing for some time, or even permanently.
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Yes, you could have and ear drum perforation or a dislocation of the ossicles. Have your ears examined and tested by audiometry.
The short answer is yes. Trauma of different types can reduce your hearing in several different ways. The only to evaluate your ear properly with a complete audio logic work up by a qualified audiologist working with an ear doctor
Depends on extent of injury. See ENT for evaluation and audiogram asap. Do not get ear wet