Audiologist Questions Deafness

Can vertigo cause deafness?

Vertigo is often connected with an imbalance in the ear fluids, so can it also lead to deafness?

2 Answers

Hello! There are certainly disorders that can affect the inner ear system as a whole (vestibular system and cochlea). True spinning vertigo is often caused by an issue in the vestibular system but it can be as simple as positional vertigo which is easily treated, or something as complex as Menieres disease and others. If you are experiencing vertigo, its best to be evaluated ASAP by a Doctor of Audiology and/or ENT. Good luck!
Vertigo is a symptom of many conditions. There are conditions, such as Meniere’s Disease, which cause vertigo and in some cases damage to the inner ear. But vertigo and hearing loss are not exclusively linked together.

It’s best to get the proper testing done at an Audiologist or Otolaryngologist (ENT), determine what’s causing your vertigo, and then figure out the proper course of treatment.