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What is the best way to deal with my menstraul cramps?

About 3 days before my period starts, and till the very end of it, I suffer from extreme cramps. The pain becomes so intense that I am unable to do any kind of work, sometimes not even get out of bed. What is the best way to relieve these cramps?

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If menstrual cramps are severe then it is best to have a visit with a health care professional to make certain there is nothing serious going on. A pelvic exam, sometimes accompanied by an ultrasound, can confirm normal anatomy. Once this has been assessed, conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cyst, fibroids, etc. have been excluded then an over the counter pain reliever can be tried. If this is not effective and the patient desires and has no known contraindications then oral contraceptive pills can also help ease menstrual cramps.
In majority of instance, NSAIDS such as the Motrin's are a good remedy to menstrual cramps. Oral contraceptive pills could ameliorate these cramps together with the NSAIDS also
If you are of childbearing age and you don't smoke and have a normal blood pressure, you can take the contraceptive pills in a continuous manner so you do not have your period so no pain. The anti-inflammatory agents might relieve your pain.
You may have something called Endometriosis, please see your OBGyn to get help regarding this. You can try over the counter ibuprofen until then.
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You can start yourself on ocps or depo shot or take high dose nsaids but on the other hand you have to make sure you have no endometriosis so you might need a surgical procedure called laparoscopy
Try NSAID anaprox ds 2 to 3 days before and during menses or ibuprofen, or try oral contraceptives, low dose. But a gynecologist must do a pelvic exam to rule out any serious problems, i.e., fibroids or endometriosis.
Please see your doc - I have had lots of success with progesterone treatment - bio identical, not progestin.
The type of pain you describe is referred to as DYSMENORRHEA. There are multiple reasons why you may be suffering from these symptoms. The best advise for you is to have an evaluation that will include giving a full history of your gynecological health, a physical examination, blood tests, pelvic sonogram followed by treament for your specific condition. Your local hospital's ambulatory service can help you begin this process.
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Daniel Faustin MD, FACOG
There is no one best way to relieve menstrual cramps. If OTC medications do not help, please see your GYN provider.