Chiropractor Questions Frozen Shoulder

What is the best way to help a frozen shoulder heal faster?

I have had a frozen shoulder mainly due to my work that requires me to be on the computer for nearly 17 hours. What exercises and stretches should I do to help treat this condition faster?

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There are a few exercises that mainly deal with keeping as much motion in the shoulder as possible. You would want to focus on exercises like that, that keep motion in the shoulder.
Mobility! The more you move, the better you'll move later
The best way to formulate the perfect treatment plan is to perform a comprehensive exam and initiate a customized treatment protocol for the frozen shoulder.
Stretch your inner thigh muscles, hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves. The lower extremity and upper extremities are very related.
Your diagnosis may be rotator cuff syndrome, which includes four muscles which can be in uncontrollable muscle spasms. Stretching it by trigger point therapy, alignment of the spine , specific shoulder exercises to prevent any further deterioration and promotion of arthritis in the area. Chiropractic are very successful in treating frozen shoulders or any shoulder conditions.
A frozen shoulder or capsulitis is usually a reduced range of motion and pain of the affected shoulder which is caused by another condition such as a bursitis or tendinitis, calcified or not. Before doing any exercices or stretches, I would suggest you consult to find out the cause of your problem, so you don't damage your shoulder even more.
Research has shown that occipital adjustments to help the function of the accessory nerve can speed up the results and recovery with a frozen shoulder.
Chest stretching and shoulder mobility exercises will help.
The FASTEST way I know is this:
1) find the emotional trigger associated with the pain in the shoulder
2) do a chiropractic assessment and find all the structures that are implicated and associated with the frozen shoulder
3) decrease the inflammation of the body and the shoulder
4) remove all scar tissues associated with the frozen shoulder
5) start exercise program

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Frozen shoulder is very hard to treat at home. The sleeper stretch is a great stretch as well as hanging from a chin up bar supported by a chair to start. A foam roller is also a great myofacial therapy. There is a fantastic treatment called tissue regeneration therapy. Check out my website for more information. Results in as little as 1 treatment.
Wall crawls, wall slides, sleeper stretch.
Many stretches can be found on line, however you should consider getting evaluated to see if your spine is lined up right and then you would need a chiropractic adjustment.
There are many techniques and home exercises to aide in remobilizing a frozen shoulder. I recommend you consult your local chiropractor to determine the root cause of you specific condition and they can show you some great exercises to perform at home or work to prevent frozen shoulder and remobilize once it "freezes."
Get chiropractic care of that shoulder ASAP----a chiropractor can adjust it---mobilize it----laser it----ultrasound it many ways to treat

You should consider chiropractic adjustment for the shoulder, Active Release for the muscles of t he shoulder and class 4 deep tissue laser to optimize healing of the shoulder. Moving the shoulder in complex patterns through the day is best. Complex patterns are circular or infinity like.

Dr. Cedrick Noel, BSN, DC, FABCDD, DACNB
Cold laser
PRP injections (platelet rich plasma)
Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy

Dr. Julia Wray