Dentist Questions tooth gap

Other than braces, is there a better way to close the gap between my teeth?

I have gap in between my front two teeth. Other than braces, what is the option to close this gap?

7 Answers

Other than braces you have several options to close the gap. The main concern here is the size of the gap. With the larger the gap the less options that we have available for achieving a desired outcome. Some options are composite bonding, composite veneers, porcelain veneers, and crowns. These options are all slightly invasive and have their own risks and benefits. I recommend seeing your dental professional for evaluation and treatment as needed.
Depending upon the size of the gap and the teeth you might be able to place some type of filling/veneer on the tooth to close the space.
For gaped teeth, besides braces, you can bond the gap between teeth or place dental veneers made by composite or porcelain also.
Cosmetic bonding, crowns or veneers are all options to close gaps in between teeth.
Every case is different. You could use INVISALIGN, it is a treatment that requires a set of aligners. These are transparent, very thin shells that slowly move and correct the position of your teeth. You MUST wear them at least 20 hrs. every day, especially all night. It is a commitment, otherwise don't even start. Sometimes, you could correct the space with veneers.
The teeth can be moved together with some kind of orthodontic appliances (braces, Invisalign, others) or the teeth can be made bigger to fill the space with bonding, veneers, or crowns.
You can close the gap with Invisalign (clear aligners) or bonding.