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I am bleeding after 6 hours of my tooth extraction. What should I do?

I underwent a tooth extraction procedure and after about 6 hours of the treatment, I am having some bleeding and pain in my gums. What is wrong with me? Will I be fine?

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Call the dentist who removed the tooth and explain your situation. It may require further treatment.
The blood vessels which land the socket where the tooth occupied are still fragile and literally pulse with blood pressure. You should lie down and put your feet up and relax for a few days. If you bleed when you cut yourself shaving and it doesn't stop or it requires a Band-Aid this may be a clotting Factor that is being aggravated by too much activity or rinsing your mouth vigorously which is a No-No. Give the sockets a chance to heal
Apply pressure with gauze. Are you taking a blood thinner like coumerin, Warfarin, or the new one, Xeralto? Talk to your medical doctor (MD) as to whether to temporarily stop taking it. The anesthesia is wearing off. Take the antibiotics/pain pills. Don't worry.

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Dr. Arthur J. DeAngelo, B.S., DDS
Bleeding and pain is normal. Apply pressure and follow up with your doctor asap.
"Some bleeding" is the key here which could be normal. Pain is also common. Pressure with gauze and ice should stop the bleeding and also help with the pain. DO NOT RINSE for the first 24 hours. If the bleeding is excessive contact your surgeon ASAP.
Call the doctor who did the extraction and in the meanwhile put some gauze and bite down with pressure.
Get a wet tea bag and bite on it for about 30-40 min. And it should be fine.
Sorry for the late response. I typically check these questions once a week or so. Bleeding after extraction can be serious but usually is not. I tell my patients that they can expect some minor bleeding even until the next morning as long as it is only a slight amount. If a patient is bleeding heavily more than an hour after the extraction, they should call me. Prior to any extraction, I ask if the patient is taking blood thinners or do they have a difficult time controlling bleeding. Bleeding can usually be controlled with pressure and if you have run out of the gauze that the office gave you, you can try biting on teabags. If you cannot get the bleeding under control, call the office as soon as possible. Heavy bleeding might even require a trip to the ER. But this is extremely rare.
Yes, you will be fine. Depending on what type of extraction was done, some times it is within normal range to see some bleeding after extractions. Specially if you were dealing with infection and swelling. For hour and maybe days after extraction, infection and pus may come out of extraction site and there is nothing to worry about. Your body is getting rid of infection. However, if there was no infection or swelling involved, you can soak a black tea bag under cold water and bite down heavy on it. It will stop the bleeding immediately. If none of these work, I would check my liver and vit K.
Bleeding for the first few days after a dental extraction is normal as long as you can control it with simple measures. Start with placing a folded up piece of gauze in your mouth over the site where the tooth was removed and place biting pressure on the gauze. You can change the gauze as needed for bleeding but try to keep the biting pressure on it for at least 20-30 min. If this does not help, contact your dentist or oral surgeon and they can evaluate the area and treat it accordingly.
Call your treating provider. They will determine what you need based on your procedure and your medical condition.
Hello. First, you will be fine. Some people have naturally thinner blood. Some people take medications that thin the blood. Others are taking a baby aspirin daily, or they eat a lot of garlic, or they take supplements that start with the letter "G" (these often are blood thinners, too.) First thing, bite on some gauze for about 1/2 hour. (Or take a tea bag - not herbal - soak it in cold water so the leaves are wet. Wrap it in gauze and then bite for 1/2 hour). If your bleeding doesn't stop, then go back to the dentist or oral surgeon who took out your tooth. Alternatively, any time you have concerns, especially such as this, you should call the dentist or oral surgeon who took out the tooth. Good luck.
It is not uncommon to have bleeding 6 hours following an extraction. Pain is also common. It is important rest and drink lots of fluids. Anti-inflammatory medication is good for relief of pain. You can expect to see blood in your saliva for the first two days.
Place a Lipton tea bag and folded gauze on the extraction site, bite and apply a constant pressure for at least 30 min, repeat if necessary.
Contact the dentist who did the extraction, that person is responsible.

S. Clarke Woodruff, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
Contact the office where you had the extraction. Also, biting on a dry tea bag for an hour, without removing it or spitting, should help.

Mark Johnson
Hi. Bleeding 6 hours after a procedure is not what we expect or like. Some weeping is ok, but not active bleeding. Have you applied some light pressure with gauze? Have you called the dentist?
You need to immediately contact the dentist that extracted your tooth...
Pain that soon after a tooth extraction is not necessarily abnormal. Bleeding depends on the level of bleeding. If it is just a gradual oozing of blood light bleeding, that is relatively normal and you should be able to control it by applying direct pressure to the extraction site with some sterile gauze. If it is a active flow of blood that cannot be stopped, you should contact the doctor who extracted your tooth immediately and ask for advice. If you are unable to reach your doctor, you should visit an emergency room.