Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions Blister

I have what looks like a blister but it isn't going away. It's also painful. What should I do?

I have got a strange blister-looking thing that is filled with pus and is painful, right on the bottom of my foot. I don’t know what to do about it.

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Never remove the blister, as this would cause infection, but pop the blister with sterile pin and drain the pus until it stops!
Please see your local podiatrist as soon as you are able.

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Kelly Murphy
Go to a podiatrist or a dermatologist. It may be more than just a blister.

Dr. Kathleen Neuhoff  
You should keep it clean and have it evaluated by your doctor .
You can see a podiatrist near your house where they will evaluate your feet and provide you with better treatment.
See a podiatrist who can culture/lance the blister, especially if you suspect pus = infection. Appropriate antibiotics and treatment are a must. Don’t wait for the infection to spread. Get treatment ASAP. The pain could be from the underlying pressure of the blister or the location.
It sounds like you may have an abscess on the bottom of your foot, which is an infectious process that should be evaluated by a medical professional. Your best course of action is to have it looked at immediately. Good luck and I wish you well. If you have additional questions please call the office.
If there is pus and it is painful, I recommend to have it looked at by a podiatrist to see if there is an infection, or anything else going on, such as a foreign body.

I hope this helps.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM
Drain it and cover with a bandage. Soak in Epsom salt 20 minutes per day. See a professional if not better in 1 week.
Based on your description, you are presenting with what we call a pustule. These are raised skin lesions with accumulation of underlying purulence. There are multiple causes to include both noninfectious and infectious. Infectious can represent both bacterial and fungal. Noninfectious can include disorders of skin such as psoriasis. Sometimes this presentation can include systemic complaints of fever and general malaise. Given its persistence and clinical presentation I would encourage evaluation by a medical provider to include specialist of dermatology or podiatry. This may require local aspiration or incision and drainage with appropriate cultures and if deemed infectious appropriately treated with antimicrobial.