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My husband has a bone growth in his ankle. What should we do?

My husband has a bone growth in his ankle. Although it is not very painful, it is growing big and hurts when he wears closed shoes. It is also very odd to look at. What should we do to treat it?

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Sometimes conservative treatment with micro-current modalities can help this problem. Need to see an X-ray first before determining this. Your husband may need to consult with an orthopedic doctor to investigate this further.
Take him to a chiropractor for an examination and treatment.
It sounds like it's becoming more of a cosmetic issue. This would be a good consult with an orthopedic surgeon to determine if they need to remove or shave it down. A lot like if he needed a bunion removed.
To be more specific, where is your husband’s bone growth in the foot exactly?

First seek out a good foot doc, get an X-ray or, better, an MRI, which is more definitive than an X-ray. Cold laser or light therapy could be helpful.
I would recommend to go see a doctor whether a chiropractor or a medical doctor and have them perform xrays to determine what the growth is and where. If he is not in pain they may decide that it can be left alone. If the bone growth is severe and is causing pain the doctors may decide to refer you to a orthopedic surgeon to have a consult on the best way to treat this problem.
Depends on the severity of the bone growth and where it is on the ankle. X-rays would be helpful to see. Options include: foot orthotics, changing gait patterns (way of walking), chiropractic ankle/foot adjustments or dependent on the severity, surgery may also be an option. Anytime you have foot complaints I'd also recommend a consult with a podiatrist.
This sounds like a problem that must first be diagnosed. A chiropractor can perform a full physical and perform X-rays to better diagnose the problem. If it is within the ability of chiropractics, then we can help him, but if it has caused some changes to the structure and function of the foot, the chiropractor will refer him to his primary care physician or another professional who is able to address the problem better.
Schedule time with his healthcare provider further evaluation.
You should seek immediate medical attention either from his PCP or the ER regarding your husband's condition. They will make further recommendations. God Bless!
More than likely he needs an osteopath.
A bone growth should be assess by an orthopedic surgeon. Advanced imaging may be required along with a biopsy to determine the nature of the growth.
I would recommend getting evaluation for any "growing" abnormality, because it could be pathological. Orthopedic evaluation is the best starting point for your description and X-rays or other imaging modality may be necessary to fully diagnose your problem.
see a dpm
This sounds like a podiatric issue.
Chiro consultation, X-ray test or ortho consultation and X-ray test or podiatrist and X-ray test, all are good.
It may be caused by a bone in his ankle being out of place. See your chiropractor.
He needs to see an orthopedic surgeon.
In this situation, it is best to have this evaluated to determine what exactly is going on. From what it sounds like, it could be an enchondroma, a non-cancerous tumor which are very common. An exam by an orthopedist would probably be the best route in my opinion because they could also offer to remove it if necessary.
You should consult with a podiatrist
Sounds like a job for an orthopedic surgeon. I would first check with the primary doctor, get an X-ray of the foot, find out what the X-ray says, and then follow directions. The next referral could be to a surgeon or a podiatrist, or even some other type of practitioner. But certainly find out through X-ray imaging what that thing looks like. 
Dr. Philip R. Schalow
I would start with some X-rays of the region to see what the bone is doing. Depending on where you are, either a chiropractor or a podiatrist would be a good start.
When performing an investigation regarding your husband's bone growth at his ankle, many questions needs to be addressed prior to determining the appropriate course of action.

First, what is the age of your husband? Is the bone growth at his ankle the only site of involvement? Has he ever been diagnosed with Gout? Is there anybody in his immediate family afflicted with Gout? Where exactly on his ankle is the growth? Does his symptoms intensify with consumption of red meat, wine, cheese or any other particular food?

A focused examination of the site of involvement and an X-ray of the growth is warranted prior to making any treatment decision to remedy his situation.
First thing is to see a doctor and get it X-rayed---find out if it is a benign growth or is pathological. After that, you can talk to a podiatrist for treatment.

Dr. David Leonard
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Consult with a podiatrist.
See a podiatrist.
You should have it checked by a physician that specializes in skeletal or boney and joint issues such as a chiropractor, an orthopedic or a podiatrist. An x-ray should be performed to determine what the growth actually is and does it need to be removed or just realigned.
Dr. Eric Miller
He needs to have it X-rayed sooner rather than later. Without a traumatic reason for a bony change, bone growths can be from more serious, and life threatening causes, such as tumors.
See a podiatrist.
Go to your MD!
I recommend you visit your primary care physician, podiatrist, or orthopedist.
Thank you for your question. For a bone growth of the ankle, it is recommended that you see a podiatrist. They specialize in the ankle and feet and can more thoroughly evaluate it and develop the best treatment plan for your husband.
Search for a podiatrist.
Orthopedist for testing. Probably X-rays. Or imaging. If it’s growing it needs to be looked at
If it’s a true bone growth than you may need to have a consult with your medical doctor to refer you to a specialist for further recommendations .
The first step is to see an orthopedist and get an x-ray. This could be anything from cancer to arthritis. Don't wait!
Depending on the location, there may be some non-surgical treatments such as shockwave therapy or a simple foot orthotic. The only way to know would be to have a consultation at the office.
At the very least get an x-ray and a diagnosis first