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Can I crack my own neck safely?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know if I can crack my own neck safely?

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Safely, no. You could do it and it be safe but you’re rolling the dice if it’s going to be safe or not. Consult a professional (chiropractor).
Not recommended at all. You might make your problem worse, however, a lot of people do it out of curiosity or because they are young.
Not the best idea to crack your own neck, although it does feel good and gives you relief you are not adjusting the one bone that really needs it. Find a good chiropractor
There is always a risk to crack your own neck. I would of course recommend that you see a chiropractor to adjust your spine. That being said, if you crack your own neck by turning it in a normal range then go a little further without using your hands then I think that is the safest way. The main risk is that your neck gets locked or fixated in one position. If that happens, go see a chiropractor to have it done correctly.
When the neck "cracks," you get a shot of endorphins which can relieve pain temporarily, but seldom improves on the cause of the problem. Chiropractic professionals are extensively trained can find the cause of the problem and are extensively trained to administer the proper treatment minimizing the chance of undesirable results. Cracking your own neck could result in such things as fractures, torn tissues, disc ruptures requiring surgery and even death. You are literally putting your life in your own hands.

Dr. Homer Wall
Many people do this occasionally and they don't have any problem doing it. However, doing this all the time will cause the ligaments of the neck to stretch and become unstable allowing the neck to go out of alignment more easily. It is possible to create a subluxation or misalignment by doing this. If you have a need to crack your own neck all the time it is likely that there is any underlying subluxation that you are not able to fix yourself. The cracking you do feels good but it doesn't get to bottom of why you feel like you need to keep doing this. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor.

Dr. Neill H. Payne
Please don't 'crack' your own neck. Or any other joint for that matter. All "cracking joints" does is:

1. Makes hypermobile joints more so and does nothing to put motion into the fixated/stuck joints in the region which is almost always the issue.
2. Gives temporary relief from pain and discomfort because brain chemicals (endorphins and enkephalins) are stimulated. The underlying problem of the fixated joint(s) is not helped.
Typically, it is without incident and that is because of the intelligent design of the body. However, it is not recommended. A chiropractor is highly trained with about 400 hours of anatomy accompanied with about 600 hours of patient interactions before they set out in practice. Even with all the training, there is a minimal chance of injury when performing an adjustment. As with any medical procedure, it is best to leave it to the trained professionals. Just as an adjustment can correct an issue, an incorrect adjustment may cause further damage requiring additional intervention.
No!!! Doctors of Chiropractic themselves don't crack their own neck.
When someone cracks their own neck or spine, the segment that is stuck has not been addressed. The segment above and/or below the stuck segment are the ones that will move and make the cracking sound. It is very important that a trained professional be the one to manipulate the joints of the spine. That being said, it is unlikely that cracking your own neck will hurt you, but it isn't helping either.