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Can I drink coke after a root canal?

I am a 42 year old female. I wonder if I can I drink coke after a root canal?

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A root canal procedure is done within the center of a tooth and its filling materials should not be left open to the mouth after completion. Because it is sealed within the tooth, yes it should be perfectly fine to drink cola after the procedure.
Generally speaking drinking coke is not the best thing for your teeth or geneal health. If you drink a coke after root canal will be okay as long as you rinse your mouth with water right after, to bring your oral cavity PH to normal, 7.35, and make it so difficult for the oral microbial to thrive.
Might want to wait until the anesthetic wears off. Might also rethink your drink. Water is far more healthy for your teeth.
You can drink and eat anything you want after a root canal, as long as your numbness is gone. You should consider that the coke may have been a contributor to the reason you may have needed the root canal in the first place! Make sure you brush and floss after drinking that coke.
You should never drink Coke, it will add to the speed with which you will develop all the chronic degenerative disease acquired by eating the SAD (Sad American diet), and root canals will harm you as well. Watch the movie called "Root Cause." You likely got the root canal from severe decay that came from consuming products like Coke.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD

Only if you could drink it before the root canal.
Sure. Please follow the post-operative instructions given by your endodontist or dentist. But in general, coke is not good for your teeth.
Yes, it is okay to drink coke after a root canal.