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Can I get rid of spider veins without surgery?

Do spider veins always require surgery? I noticed that I had them on my legs awhile back, and while I'm not in too much pain, I do want to get rid of them. Is there another way to get rid of spider veins?

3 Answers

Spider veins can be eliminated by either laser or sclerotherapy which uses injections of a sclerosant.
Generally, you have veins throughout your skin. When the pressure in the venous system increases over time the veins in the skin dilate  until they can be seen by the naked eye. They will gradually get bigger but the only symptom associated with this is usually itching. Spider veins are not treated by removing them surgically. They are treated with sclerotherapy. This is a procedure where a solution is injected into the spider vein. This causes the inside lining of the vein to scar down and eventually they will disappear. If you have underlying venous insufficiency you may develop more spider veins in other parts of your legs. If you have other symptoms like heaviness, swelling, fatigue or cramps in your legs at night, you more than likely have superficial venous insufficiency. If you just treat the spider veins, your legs will look better but they won't feel any better.
Spider veins require a simple procedure (performed in the office) where medicine is injected into the tiny vein with a very small needle. Healing does take some people days - weeks.