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Can a filling be done on a wisdom tooth?

I am a 32 year old male and I have a cavity on my wisdom tooth. Can a filling be done on a wisdom tooth?

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A filling can be done on a wisdom tooth. There is no rule that these teeth need to be removed.
Yes it can be done! If the tooth is Not impacted or embedded under the gums and a necessity for a filling is needed. Ask your doctor if your tooth can be filled or still needed for proper chewing. Most wisdom teeth can be filled if its in the right position and Not impacted.
Yes. But the reason for the cavity is probably not brushing well enough that far back, so we have to decide to fill or just get it out
Yes a filling can be done on a wisdom tooth.
Absolutely, if the tooth is functional. However, if it is not functional, it may be best to consider an extraction.
The short answer is yes, but this is not always black and white. If the decay is of small or medium size, then wisdom teeth fillings can be recommended. If it is large or any other issues associated with the wisdom tooth, in general, it's better to have these teeth extracted.
Sure why not.
Of course you can, that’s if the the wisdom tooth is fully erupted and functional. Otherwise, it’s better to just take it out.
Yes, wisdom teeth can be filled. Depending on the position of the tooth and the size/location of the cavity, it may be possible to retain your wisdom tooth with a filling. However, if the tooth is not able to erupt fully into position, it may be necessary to remove the tooth. Your dentist should be able to advise you on the best treatment option for your individual case.
Yes, if it is decided the tooth should be retained.
Yes. If the cavity is really large, we tend to extract wisdom teeth, especially if there is not enough room for the tooth in the mouth.
Absolutely, although it can be more challenging and the prognosis for dental fillings on wisdom teeth is not as good as your other teeth. Thus, it is often discouraged.
Yes, a filling can be done on wisdom teeth and is a fairly common practice. Just like the rest of your teeth, if you have a cavity, getting a filling will prevent the cavity from getting bigger which could cause more problems down the road. If your wisdom teeth do not need to be extracted, then keeping them healthy is just as important as the rest of your teeth.
Yes, a filling can be completed on a wisdom tooth so long as the tooth is erupted properly in the mouth and can be taken care of through brushing and flossing.

Yes, a filling can be done on a wisdom tooth; in fact, there are a lot of people out there that have fillings on their wisdom teeth. There are even people that have crowns and bridges on their wisdom teeth. Most of the time people do not have the advantage of having a straight functional wisdom tooth. However, there are people that have wisdom teeth that come in straight and are functional. In these cases, it may not be the best to take out a wisdom tooth just because it has a small filling in it. Another reason for doing a filling on a wisdom tooth is if its roots are close to a nerve that we want to avoid.
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