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Can a two year old have glasses?

My daughter is 2 years old and watches too much TV. I fear that she might need glasses too because of the amount she watches. Is it possible for a child to have glasses at this age?

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Yes 2 years old can definitely need glasses. Have an eye exam
I do not know the connection of watching too much TV and needing glasses? Being too close or squinting may be some indication of having vision issues. And yes, glasses at any age, when needed is certainly OK. If you are concerned, make an appointment with an eye doctor, preferably someone who sees children and is a pediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist.
Eyeglasses are fitted at any age even as young as 6 months depends on the patients need! I would recommend to get her a comprehensive eye exam and find out if she needs them.
Yes it’s possible. If you’re concerned take her to a Pediatric Optometrist or Opthalmologist. Better yet take her out to play, and cut the TV time!
Yes. Even infants can. Take her to an eye doctor. You can look into the Infantsee website to find a doctor that specializes in young pediatrics.
A person can wear glasses at any age. Watching too much TV does not mean that the child will wear glasses. Squinting, headaches, and running into things are signs that the child may need corrective lenses. There are also symptoms/signs that will only be uncovered at a doctor's visit.
Yes, a two-year-old can need glasses especially if you’re noticing the child sitting close to objects they need to see clearly like characters on a television screen (or holding items close to their face). The child may do this because he/she cannot see very well but have no concept of what the real world should look like (no definition of “clear” vision). Have her vision & eye health checked at your local optometry office specializing in pediatrics (of possible) in your local area.
Yes, children can have glasses. I would recommend that she does not sit too close to the TV and try to limit the time on the TV. Recent studies have suggested to have children play outside for at least 60 minutes per day to reduce the risk of myopia (near-sightedness).
Yes, it is possible for a 2 year old to wear prescription glasses depending on his/her refractive nature and other visual factors determined by your eye care professional.
It is possible, most physicians begin recommending glasses closer than to 2 or 3 years old. But there are always exceptions. I recommend seeing a pediatric eye care professional for an evaluation if you are noticing strain.
Yes. Not because she is watching too much TV, but because of her genetic makeup.