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Can an oral surgeon help with TMJ?

I am 28 year old male and I think I have TMJ. Can an oral surgeon help with TMJ?

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Some OMFS treat TMJ issues and some do not. You should be able to ask the office when calling for an appointment whether they have expertise in that area before going in for an exam. I would stay away from general dentists that advertise as "TMJ specialists". There is no such recognized specialty from the ADA and no specific residency training they go through. They could literally go for a weekend course and advertise themselves as experts!
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There are so many variables involved in what is known as TMJ or TMD. Usually it is associated with muscular dysfunction as a result of traumatic parafunctiinal habits (usually involuntary) - clenching and grinding. Treatment may require many specialties but first proper assessment and history taking is important, then intervention from least invasive to more invasive if required. There is NO cure only awareness, understanding, compliance to care and adaptation (recovery).