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Can anesthesia lead to gastric troubles?

Ever since I underwent my surgery, I have been experiencing issues with my digestive system. Could this be due to the anesthesia that was administered to me during the surgery?

3 Answers

It's very unlikely that anesthesia drugs would cause a chronic physical gastric ailment. The most probable cause may be the actual surgery itself.

John Huntsinger, MD
Typically, no. However, opiate medications can cause constipation-type problems or nausea.
It is certainly possible that a general anesthetic could cause disruption of normal digestive function. Without knowing your history and the type of surgery, it is only speculation. Many other factors may have contributed such as medications given, administration or antibiotics, pain medication, positioning during surgery, the type of surgery, disruption of feeding and
diet, and the location of the surgery. Chances are that there may be multiple reasons for this change. You may want to consult your surgeon and/or anesthesiologist if you are concerned.