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Can being obese be related to having cavities?

I am a 26-year-old female who has struggled with her weight and has had many cavities. Can being obese be related to having cavities?

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Good question. While the stigma of obesity often conjures up images of terrible sugar, and fatty filled diets, it is certainly not necessarily the case. There are numerous health conditions and genetic predispositions to be considered also. Perhaps a nutritional counselor, medical examination, as well as a comprehensive dental evaluation would be most appropriate before any conclusion is drawn. I can tell you that I have not been able to draw the correlation between obesity and caries. In 32 years, I can say that cavities have no apparent preference for body shapes or sizes. Whatever the reason for your “cavities," a good, qualified dentist should be able to help you straighten that out.
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I'm not sure there is a correlation. Cavities are caused by bacteria and a food source for the bacteria. Frequently eating increases the acidic environment or your mouth as the bacteria become more active. This increases the risk of dental caries. Brushing removes the bacteria and the acid they produce thereby reducing the risk of cavities. So, diet and oral hygiene contributes a great deal to cavities. High simple carbohydrates like sugar in our diets increases that risk even more. So basically diet, types of food, and oral hygiene all contribute. All of which can be decreased by good oral hygiene.

Dr Jensen
There isn't a link with cavities and body size. However, the kinds of food we consume, if they be high in carbohydrates, sugar can change the pH of our mouth. If the frequency with which we snack and eat foods that lower the pH increases then we are more prone to cavity formation and growth of bacteria that causes them.
There could be a strong relationship. Usually people that are overweight consume a lot of carbohydrates and sugar and of course this can lead to do with the key. Also some away people do not have a good self image and it may not take care of the teeth as well either

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Dr. Mark Berkowitz