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Can bronchitis have a long-term effect on breathing?

I am a 32 year old male. I was wondering can bronchitis have a long-term effect on breathing?

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If NOT addressed and supported there could be potential issues at a later date/time
That is a good question and most appropriate to be directed to a respiratory therapist or pulmonologist. Out of the patients I have had who had bronchitis, I must admit I noticed they did experience difficulty with breathing.
Yes, any time there is stress in the body, there are residual effects. Doing cardiovascular training exercises can rebuild the cardiovascular system after the bronchial stress.
Yes, if you or your partner smoke cigarettes, have asthma, or an immunodeficiency.

No it shouldn't so long as it remediates and you continue practicing good oral hygiene.
It will have a long-term effect if it becomes chronic. There are ways to decrease the effects of bronchitis through lung support. Important to reach out to your natural doctor to help give you some options to strengthen your immune system.