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Can children get pinched nerves?

I think my son has a pinched nerve in his shoulder, but he's only 14 years old. I always thought pinched nerves were an adult issue. Is it possible for kids to get them too? What can we do for him?

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Yes! They have muscles and bones that move and can get tight. Children can have athletic injuries that can cause this or even postural changes that can cause it.
I would recommend getting him into see a pediatric chiropractor for an evaluation.
It’s absolutely possible. Their lives are typically more physically stressful and it’s common to get pinched nerves. Get evaluated by your chiropractor is what I recommend.
Athletic injuries, falls, etc., are the cause of subluxations (or a bone out of place). All ages are subject to these.
Yes, it is very possible for children to have a pinched nerves. Here is a quick video for a 9-year-old:
Absolutely kids can get it. See a Chiropractor.
Yes, children can get pinched nerves. They can also get muscular strains and sprains and joint misalignments as well. If the symptoms are new, try icing and stretching the affected area for a few days and see if it gets better. If there are symptoms of a pinched nerve like numbness and tingling or weakness in the arm or shoulder, make an appointment to have him
examined by a musculoskeletal and nerve pain specialist like a Chiropractor or an Orthopedic doctor. If there is a pinched nerve, then it is very important to determine the cause of pinch and correct the problem before nerve damage occurs.
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Dr. Eric Miller
Yes. You may have a proper orthopedic and neurological examination to determine the level of the nerve impingement. You can take him to a local chiropractor who is trained to examine the joints and nerves and will be able to correctly it effectively and quickly.
It’s uncommon but can occur. You should bring him into a good chiropractor and have him checked out. Some doctors specialize in pediatric chiropractic
Yes, children can get pinched nerves. You should see a chiropractor right away.
Yes, kids have more traumas then adults! How often will an infant fall down in the first 3 years of life?
This has become more and more common with younger people due to very poor posture and the use of handheld electronics. I recommend getting your son an examination with a Chiropractor to assess and correct any issues in his spine.