Chiropractor Questions Pinched Nerve

How can you relieve the pain from a pinched nerve?

I have a pinched nerve where my shoulder is. I'm considering going to my mom's chiropractor to help treat it, but how exactly do chiropractors help pinched nerves?

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The “pinching” is commonly caused by misalignments in your skeletal structure and chiropractors know how to realign your joints to relieve irritating/pinching of those nerves.
First, chiropractor will examine you to find what causes the nerve entrapment and if they can help they will advise you on the treatment.
Adjustments help by doing a reset of the nervous system kind of like how if your electric outlet trips you have to reset the breaker box. Sometimes you will feel discomfort in your arm or leg and the problem is actually in the spine itself, so by making sure that the spine is well aligned and then checking the extremity that is having the symptoms we can then relieve that discomfort.
They are experts and detecting and locating these problems. With precise and gentle adjustments over time, chiropractic can help to restore and relieve the pinched nerve in a majority of the cases.
Nerve irritation is removed by aligning your joints back into their proper position. This takes the pressure off of the "pinched" nerve. Call to schedule your appointment today! Thanks!
They don't! Chiropractors remove subluxations causing nerve interference. The body heals itself better without nerve interference.
Chiropractic helps by taking pressure off that nerve that is being pinched and allow proper flow of information to the rest of your body. That is good approach to take care of the pinched nerve.
Hi, sorry to hear you have a pinched nerve. I would definitely go see a chiropractor for it. When joints aren't moving like they are supposed to, your body stiffens up to protect that area; think of swelling in an ankle after you roll it. Your spine/neck is supposed to MOVE though, but sometimes it gets stuck for a number of reasons. When your joints get stiff, pressure is placed on your nerves which causes them not to function like they are supposed to leading to symptoms like pain. Chiropractors locate joints that are not moving like intended and restore normal function to them with adjustments so the nerves can work like they are supposed to.
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Dr. Frederick
Depends on what is causing the pinch. If the correct cause is diagnosed, an evidenced based chiropractor may be able to help. Try choosing a chiropractor who is a member of the American Chiropractic Association or the West Hartford Group. They are generally very good at diagnosing these conditions.

Dr. Simone
Chiropractors relieve the pain from a pinched nerve by examining which structure is affecting the nerve and adjusting or manipulating that structure to remove the pressure on that particular nerve.
If it is from the spine then the nerve root will be effected and the chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae which is involved. If it is the shoulder or adjoining structures then the shoulder can be manipulated as well. Chiropractic is a safe, effective, and natural approach to removing pinched nerves in all parts of the body.
Pinched nerves generally occur from either soft tissue or bone. If there is a bony alignment issue or area that is restricted in movement in the spine, it can cause irritation or compression of a nerve making it a “pinched nerve.” Chiropractic adjustment can help restore normal function and alignment of the bones in the area to alleviate nerve tension. The chiropractor should do some tests to determine cause and area that needs care.
Good luck.

Vishal K. Verma DC CCSP


Make your appointment now to feel better fast. Chiropractors are great for helping with “pinched nerves.” If a joint or bone is misaligned or is moving improperly, it can irritate or “pinch” the nerves in that area, chiropractors “adjust” the spine or joint to improve mobility and remove the pressure from the nerve. Call your chiropractor today.
You will be glad that you did!

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Dr. Steven Moon, Concord Chiropractic
It is best if I show you how this is done:

Click this link below to be directed to a video explaining the pinched nerve and how chiropractic helps!

Chances are it is not a pinched nerve but nerve irritation. The good news, chiropractic care can help. The only limitation is if the injury has done some tissue damage. The chiropractor can ensure the joint is in place and maybe work on the soft tissue surrounding it. This will help keep the shoulder in place but also eliminate tension of the shoulder girdle which may contribute to possible nerve irritation. It is a great place to start.
Chiropractors will adjust or move the bones to help reposition the nerves -- that's how we get rid of pinched nerves.
Chiropractors make adjustments to the joints and soft tissue around the joints to create more space and better function for the nerves that run through those painful areas.
Your Chiropractor will assess the biomechanics of the shoulder and surrounding joints and muscles to determine where the "pinch" is coming from. If the source of the problem is coming from the spine or other joints surrounding the shoulder then the Doctor will give adjust the joint and relieve the pressure on the nerve. If the source is muscle or soft tissue based, then physiotherapy is in order. Your chiropractor may or may not do soft tissue therapy at their office but I would say most do.