Chiropractor (Pediatric) Questions Autism

Can chiropractic adjustments reverse autism?

My daughter is five years, and is diagnosed with autism. There are a few videos going around on the FB groups I'm a part of that show chiropractic care reversing the effects of autism, or reversing the disorder completely. I'm skeptical, but I'm willing to try it if it helps my daughter. Can chiropractic adjustments reverse, or at least, help autism?

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So sorry, but I would not want to lead you astray... There is too much corruption and misleading information, and that is what is so wrong about social media - more fake news! We can help relieve the stress or tension in the body to help your daughter feel better or more alert. Otherwise, don't be misled!
Take good care and the best of holidays to you and your familia!

Dr. Trevizo
Yes, chiropractic care can help autism. I will not say that it reverses it but it helps control parts of the symptoms. Chiropractors get the nervous system balanced. Many people on the spectrum have an issue with their fight or flight autonomic nervous system always firing and the rest and digest autonomic nervous system not firing as much. With chiropractic care, these two system become more balanced and it causes shifts in the body. This helps people on the spectrum or with sensory disorders function better.

I know that is kind of complicated, but I work with several people on the spectrum or with sensory disorders and it makes a huge difference!