Chiropractor Questions Neck Stiffness

Can a chiropractor break your neck?

I have chronic neck pain and heard about chiropractic treatment. I am little bit worried. Can a chiropractor break your neck?

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Chiropractors are trained to help patients not to break neck. Can a surgeon use a scalpel to stab the patient? That's why doctors are professionals and study so long.
It is highly unlikely that a chiropractor can break your neck, but if a thorough examination is done as I do in my office, it is extremely safe. There are many safe ways to manipulate a cervical spine that are gentle and effective.
It’s impossible for a chiropractor to break your neck. We return the vertebra in your neck back into its proper alignment releasing nerve pressure, restoring mobility and eliminating pain.
I've never seen this in my 39 years of practice

Chiropractic is extremely safe. There are more side effects from taking prescription medications than from a chiropractic adjustment. There are many many types of chiropractic adjustments and each doctor uses the techniques they feel work best for them, and the patient's condition. When many people first think "chiropractor", they think of someone "cracking" their neck, and for some people that sounds great, and for others like you, it seems a little scary. If you are concerned, just tell the chiropractic office of your concerns and ask if the doctor can use a gentle, non-physical type of adjustment on your neck. There are many ways to help your neck pain with chiropractic, and you don't have to have your neck "cracked" to stop the pain.

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It is almost impossible to break a neck. Seeing a licensed doctor of chiropractic is safe.
There is no evidence of chiropractic breaking any spinal bones with the adjustment. Short of you having a broken neck already, it is virtually impossible for a properly trained chiropractor to cause that level of damage. The chiropractor should do a full orthopedic and neurological examination on you before proceeding as well. This will help determine any injury you may have and the proper treatment given.
Absolutely not it is completely safe.
Very very unlikely
It is impossible for a Chiropractor to break the neck during an adjustment. Discuss your concern with your Chiropractor, they should be more than willing to educate you on what will happen under their care.