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Can I go on a treadmill or go cycling with back pain?

I have back stiffness and pain in my lower back. Is using the treadmill or cycling recommended for me? or it will it hurt my back even more?

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The back pain that you have could be caused by many different reasons if the muscle is injured I would highly suggest you take care of that first and have pain free state. Many times after seeing a chiropractor and doing physical therapy you can get your muscle healed faster so you can get back to normal activity that you enjoy doing
Before doing so you should see a physician 1st to fully evaluate you. If there is no major spine pathology then exercise is encouraged to help alleviate back pain.
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If the exercise causes more pain, then you should not do them. You should find out the cause of your back pain first and see what treatment is right for you. Schedule a visit with a Chiropractor and find out. If you go to an MD, most likely they will just prescribe a pain med or do nothing.
That depends on what is causing the stiffness and pain. Often the cause is not serious and using a treadmill or cycling would help but you need to see a professional to make sure there isn't a serious problem like disc herniation, spinal infection, cancer, etc.
Before beginning any exercise program, especially if you are suffering from musculoskeletal pain you should get your spine checked by a Chiropractor for postural, structural problems that can inhibit your ability to exercise properly.
This depends on the cause of your pain. Consult a local chiropractor to assess the cause of pain.
Yes you can as your back needs to be mobile to prevent arthritis from forming. However I must encourage you to see a chiropractor for alignment of your spine back pain to experience more energy greater strength, improve posture, and all other benefits of having a healthy body. Therefore you can enjoy your everyday activities as quickly as possible.
You wanna find out why you’re having back pain in the first place. Exercise is a great idea but get the back checked out.
I will say walking might be helpful, but if you notice the pain is constant, stop and make an appointment with your doctor.
The back stiffness and pain in your lower back is a warning sign. Ignoring your pain by use of the treadmill or cycling is not recommended in the presence of pain or other warning signs. There is a cause for the pain and that cause should be detected and corrected before the use of treadmill or cycling should be continued.
High-impact aerobic exercise, like walking and/or running, will tend to aggravate lower back pain, however, cycling should not! Swimming is also a good way to exercise, where it is more difficult to further injure a low back problem. Make sure that you are not allowing yourself to become dehydrated (drink water), as that can lead to dehydrated spinal discs, which are more easily damaged!
Aerobic activity can be very helpful for low back stiffness and pain. However, you should consult a doctor to determine your specific diagnosis. The Doc can then provide you with a more reasonable answer to your question. They should also give you some guidance regarding which activity is best for you.
Yes, you can go on a treadmill, but it's best to find out why you are having back pain first.
That's a really great questions, we get asked this all the time. It's a catch 22 because activity can be painful, but activity is required to alleviate back pain. Skip the treadmill and stick with walking on a softer surface (track or dirt). A stationary bike is typically ok as long as it is a recumbent bike (the type of bike with a high back on it so you can rest your back at the same time you work the legs). I hope this helps, and if the pain and stiffness continues or worsens, get checked out by a chiropractor as soon as possible.
It depends as exercise can make back pain worse. Why are you getting stiffness in your back? There has to be reason it. It can be as simple as you pulled a muscle, overdid something you are not used to. In any event, it is not normal. My suggestion is first try stretches such as yoga, but you should be checked out. Perhaps a physical therapist to see your range of motion and when you get the pain or discomfort. Do not go to a doctor who brushes it off and gives you pain pills or anti-inflammatory medications. Have your back assessed by a physiatrist or physiotherapist first. It is not normal to have problems in your back. Check it out before doing any exercise as I said it can make it worse.
Treadmill walking can help alleviate the stiffness of your low back more than cycling can. It also depends on what type of pain. Sharp pain can get worse while dull achy pain can improve. Focus on moderate pace treadmill walk and maybe a light jog. If pain starts to worsen, just stop and stretch out.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP
Yes, but limit the time.