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Can excess weight cause spine problems?

I am a 32-year- old woman and post my second delivery I have gained excess weight which just doesn't seem to go. I am having a severe lower back problem and I can almost feel a bulge at my tail bone. Can excess weight cause spinal issues?

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Yes. Your spine supports you at your normal body weight. Everything in existence has a weight limit. Ankle, knee, and hip pain is also common in gaining weight. Low back pain can be caused by gaining weight, but it also can be caused by giving birth, pelvic floor inhibition, etc. I recommend finding a chiropractor that focuses on pregnancy and family care.
Hello, sorry to hear about your low back pain. Yes, rapid weight gain like in pregnancy can cause lower back strain which can continue after delivery. Gaining weight can put excess strain on your spinal discs and ligaments causing weakness and potential bulges. Get examined to rule our disc issues and begin working on core strengthening again to stabilize the spinal muscles.
Yes, it definitely can. Increased weight gain during pregnancy and after childbirth can be difficult to loose and not gain back. Both of these factors cause changes in the normal biomechanics of the spine with which a chiropractor can help. Also, find a doctor that is proficient in functional nutrition for the weight loss. They can usually be found in a chiropractor's office.
Thank you for the question. Not only does your body go through changes during pregnancy, but they continue following pregnancy in what has been termed the "4th trimester". I would recommend making an appointment with a local chiropractor in order to be evaluated and see if chiropractic is right for you.

To answer your main question, yes, weight gain can attribute to low back pain, especially weight gained around the midsection.

Thanks again.
Absolutely! Gaining weight adds stress to the facet joints of the lower spinal region. I have valuable info to help you too.
Excess weight can definitely cause increased biomechanical stress on the lower back. The bulge you can feel at the tail bone may be a lipoma or a synovial cyst. Have a physician such as a Chiropractor or an Orthopedic examine your spine to determine what the bulge is and also assess if there is a musculoskeletal reason for your lower back pain. Most of the time, lower back pain is caused by joint dysfunction, disc or muscular issues.
Yes, it certainly can. Excess weight is especially detrimental to the lower back. If you are in pain, some chiropractic care to take the edge off might not be a bad idea, and could enable you to workout with less discomfort! A win-win!
Hello and thank you for the question. Yes, excess weight will apply extra pressure to your joints. When this occurs, it can increase your pain throughout the body.  
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The short answer is yes. Excess weight can cause more lower back pain, however, with your history of delivery, there is a good chance you may also be suffering from the lower spine moving too far forward. If you lay flat on the floor, you should not have too much space between the floor and your lower back. If you can easily put your hand under your lower back and not feel your spine because of the curve, you may have a forward lower spine. This can be addressed by chiropractic adjustments and home exercises to relieve your pain.

Dr. Steve
This is a very good question. Having gained weight from pregnancy may cause issues in itself due to the changes that your body has to go through. In addition, excess weight on your spinal joints produces extra tension and stress on the spinal column, which may lead to pain.
This is a very common question. Yes, your weight can contribute to spinal problems. We can often see on x-ray signs of changes to the joints when someone has been overweight for many years, but for most people the loss of strength and stability of the muscles that support our spine appears to be the biggest factor in back problems. Many times when we no longer maintaining a healthy weight, other habits (like our level of physical activity) have also changed. In fact, during pregnancy there are a number of physical changes that happen not just changing weight that can contribute to back problems including spinal imbalances and weakness in the core muscles. Seeing a conservative spinal specialist that can perform a through exam and offer the proper strengthening exercises would be a positive action step for your issues. As you feel better, and become stronger, you will be more likely to increase the necessary physical activity that goes along with the healthy eating habits. With the right team of health care providers I am sure you will be back to your pre-baby weight in no time!
Hi! The short answer is yes. During the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which allows ligaments to stretch in your pelvis to get ready for the passage of your baby through the birth canal. That’s a good thing, but it also relaxes other ligaments—in your lower back—and the baby’s weight causes increased lumbar lordosis (A-P curvature concave anteriorly in the lumbar spine for you anatomists) in YOU. This, in turn, causes shortening of your lumbosacral paraspinal muscles (including the short and tightly bound multifidi muscles) and increased eccentric load on lumbar spinal extensor muscles. In short, a lot more pressure on your low back that can kead to pain. There is often microscopic tearing, a.k.a. muscle “strain” in those muscles, typically pain OVER the sacrum, sacroiliac joint (not IN the joint), and aling the spinous processes where those muscles attach. This pain can last beyond the birth of your baby, of course.

See a chiropractic physician who can teach you therapeutic exercise for whatever diagnosis you have. Good luck and feel better!
A proper exam should be done before jumping to a conclusion 636 946 2244
Obviously, any extra weight that's applied on your spine will eventually become burden to it and accelerate degeneration process(cartilage of the joint wears out more quickly due to the extra gravitational force/weight). Your posture will be another thing you need to be careful about. During the pregnancy and After delivery, your abdominal muscles become lax and weak so cannot hold the pelvis in place unless you do exercise to strengthen them, and let it tilt anteriorly, which may increase the pressure on the lumbosacral region of the spine. This will accelerate the wearing of the joint.
Excessive weight can cause multiple issues: physically and internally. Physically additional weight puts additional stress on the spine and can alter your posture or biomechanics, which can produce pain and easier injuries. Internally adds additional stress to your organs and pathways that can also refer to the lower back or cause additional problems that may be addressed.
Yes extra weight can cause back pain. There may be a hormone issue which is causing your weight gain. It is very common after pregnancy. You should speak with someone who is familiar with this type of testing such as a functional medicine doctor. You can schedule a free consultation with our office. 770-545-8888
2/3 of our body weight is placed on our last disc, L5, respectively. So, yes, being overweight could cause back pain, but even more so, being sedentary. Get back into a routine of walking, doing some yoga, and even some dancing or tai chi. In the mean time, go visit a recommended chiropractor. That is our specialty.