Dentist Questions Flossing

Can flossing causes spaces between my teeth?

Can I get spaces between my teeth due to flossing?

18 Answers

No, you cannot get spaces by flossing. You probably have other issues going on. Visit your dentist for diagnosis.

The flossing improves tooth health and periodontal conditions of the gums. It cannot cause spacing. I have never recalled any spacing that was caused by flossing.
Absolutely not with traditional dental floss. We do see spaces develop over time when toothpicks are used due to their chronic abrasion against the teeth as the wood scrapes against the enamel.
Proper flossing will not cause spaces to form between your teeth. Flossing will keep the naturally space that are between the teeth clean. Proper flossing helps to prevent gum disease (bone loss) from starting. Talk to your dentist about your oral hygiene and ask for their recommendation as to what you should be doing.
According to available literature, NO.
Absolutely NOT!
If you use a thin floss (not dental tape), they shouldn’t cause spacing.
NO.That is just not true.
Most likely flossing would not cause spaces between the teeth- but would help keep teeth with spaces between them free of plaque and food impaction.
Of course not. Flossing is a necessary part of good oral hygiene and doesn’t cause space between your teeth. Bone loss and periodontal disease does.
Flossing doesn’t cause space to develop between that isn’t already present. It only removes soft plaque and food particles.
The answer is no, however if flossing incorrectly, this can cause you to loose gum tissue due to trauma. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way. Please see your family dentist and ask for oral hygiene instructions.
No flossing is only meant as an adjunct to efficiently cleaning all the microscopic black from the surfaces of the teeth below the gum that your toothbrush cannot reach.
Flossing will not cause spacing between your teeth and is essential for healthy gums. Floss at least every other day, preferably daily. Enormously important.
Flossing will not directly cause spacing between your teeth. Spacing can develop due to conditions such as decay, gum disease and poor bite.