Anesthesiologist Questions Local Anesthesia

Can I drive after a local anesthetic?

I'm 38 and I need to have a surgery under local anesthesia. Is it okay to drive after a local anesthetic?

9 Answers

No. I do not recommend patients to drive after a surgery, no matter if it's local. Side effects like dizziness or drowsiness could happen.
Generally, yes, but ask your surgeon for restrictions
Yes If no sedation is used
Generally, yes you may drive after receiving local anesthetic, although this can vary depending on where the local anesthetic is placed. Ask your doctor if you can drive after your procedure.
Assuming that the local anesthetic is within the dose range allowed, and the affected body part is not at risk by the act of driving, there is no medical reason why you could not drive... assuming you are a credible driver
Yes, as long as you do not receive sedation
If your surgery involves a true local infiltration without a nerve block, then you should have no problem driving. However, if a nerve block - such as femoral, interscalene, axillary, adductor canal, or popliteal nerve block - was performed, you should wait until the block is entirely resolved and you have full motor strength.
Yes. If it's a small procedure and you feel stable after the procedure, you can drive.