Chiropractor Questions Joint stiffness

Can I get adjusted without an underlying condition?

I'm 25 years old, and while I do feel stiffness in my joints I'm not in that much pain or discomfort. I would like to get an adjustment but I'm not diagnosed with any condition. Can I still go for an adjustment if my muscles and joints feel stiff?

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Joint stiffness is listed in ICD-10. There also are other diagnoses, systemic as well as local to the joints, that joint stiffness can be a symptom of. I recommend to discuss all your symptoms and health history with your chiropractor.
Certainly a patient can get chiropractic treatment for the purpose of maintaining good health. Noteworthy though, insurance coverage usually does not cover treatment for preventative treatment. Insurance generally requires that a chiropractor conclude a diagnosis for a condition that will improve when chiropractic treatment is prescribed for a condition that treatment will improve over a reasonable time period. The way in which you described stiff muscles and joints, which is common to most anyone, probably would not merit a diagnosis that would be recognized by an insurance company. Outside of qualifying for insurance reimbursement, you certainly may choose to go to a chiropractor to loosen yourself up. Enjoy being 25, the years will likely bring a different story.
Yes you can get adjusted if your muscles and joints feel stiff. Regular chiropractic care will help to prevent those nasty underlying conditions. Chiropractic should be part of your regular health care visits.
Yes, of course, it's best you do it when nothing is wrong so we can keep it that way!! It works for a lot of medical things you may not even know you have going on.
Healthy hello!

There are many reasons besides pain, for getting an adjustment, including the desire for improved mobility and postural distortion correction. Despite your lack of an official diagnosis, there are conditions that can cause joint and muscle stiffness and most respond well to chiropractic care. Call your chiropractor today, and start having a better tomorrow!


Dr. Steven Moon
Chiropractic care can be quite effective for pain relief, but has many more benefits from a wellness perspective. Improving the motion of your spinal joints helps you move better, relieves strain on the muscle, and improves the conduction of your nervous system. Being adjusted by a competent doctor of chiropractic can only be beneficial to you. I recommend that my pain free patients come in on a monthly basis. Absolutely try it and see what you think. As with any type of professional, find a chiropractor that you feel comfortable with.
Of course! Your diagnosis is called subluxation, which is simply vertebra not moving correctly. Chiropractic is wonderful for stiffness.
Sure, you can be adjusted. Joint stiffness is a condition.
Thank you.
Absolutely, you can get chiropractic treatment without any symptoms or any underlying condition. In fact, the whole premise of chiropractic is to keep the body in alignment and balance in order to prevent symptoms from occurring. By keeping the nervous system flowing freely without any interference, we maintain homeostasis and you live a healthy, pain-free life. That is the goal of chiropractics.
Absolutely, you can, and it would be very beneficial. Stiff joints usually need to be freed up and the chiropractic adjustment helps with that. Not having an actual problem or injury makes it even easier to get adjusted.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP

Spinal hygiene or maintenance is paramount to health. You only get one spine so take care of it. Spinal manipulation has a multitude of benefits, not just pain relief. Spinal manipulation can also help the nervous system continue to function as optimal as possible. I received my first adjustment at 18 following a car collision. I only wish I had known the benefits prior to the collision.
I hope this helps.


Dr. Duchon
Absolutely. In fact, it is highly recommended for all human beings who wish to stay in optimal health throughout life!
Yes, you can. Stiffness in joints and muscles can actually be caused by vertebral fixations.
This depends on what your Chiropractic exam and X-Rays show
Absolutely, Chiropractic is very effective in preventative therapy.