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Can I get my teeth whitened with braces?

My teeth look really stained and I want to whiten them. But the thing is, I have braces so I'm not sure if I should get this done. Is it recommended to get my teeth whitened with braces on?

10 Answers

Not the best time. Wait till you're done with ortho.
Get your teeth cleaned well. If your teeth do not look cleaned, see your dentist and see if your teeth are darkened and might need lightening. However, you also might really need lightening. If so, find a good dentist who will lighten your teeth appropriately.
You can, but you might not like the final result. I think you will be happier if you do it after you are done with you ortho treatment!!!
It is not advisable to attempt whitening with orthodontic brackets in place
Only with Invisilign
It is possible to whiten teeth while they have braces on them. The results tend to be less regular and even though the whitening agent will "soak" around the brackets somewhat it usually results in an uneven result. A more important thing to do is get you teeth in really good shape and avoid the white demineralization spots so common after wearing braces. By doing that you teeth will be ready to whiten to an awesome result.
Yes you can whiten your teeth while wearing braces but it would be best to wait until the braces are removed. The area of the teeth covered by the braces will not bleach and when the braces are removed these areas will need to be bleached to match the bleached surfaces.
It will be best to wait until braces are removed before whitening. It is more important to make sure you brush all those hard to reach areas and floss. Listerine makes a whitening mouth rinse that you can use also.
It would be very difficult to whiten your teeth while you have braces on them. If your teeth look stained, I would strongly recommend you have your teeth professionally cleaned at your dentist's office first. That will probably provide a much cleaner look. Then wait until your orthodontic treatment has been completed, have your teeth cleaned again and then evaluate them to see if whitening is still needed.
Basically, it would not be effective. If you have staining, bleaching would not remove the stains. We usually recommend to our patients with braces to come in more frequently (about every 4 months) when they have braces to remove stains and check for decay. It is often difficult to really keep your teeth clean when you have braces.