Dentist Questions Wisdom Teeth

Can I keep my wisdom teeth?

I'm 25 years old, and all four of my wisdom teeth came in. I don't want to have them extracted because they're not really causing me any pain. Is it okay that I keep my wisdom teeth?

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Hello, sometimes, your mouth does have room for your wisdom teeth especially if they grow in straight. However, please consult with a dental professional who can determine if they need to be removed. Thank you for your question.
You can keep them but make sure you can get back there to clean them
It is just fine to keep your wisdom teeth as long as they are fully erupted (even with the tooth ahead of it)
Different doctors have different view when it comes to removing fully erupted wisdom teeth. I personally defer from extracting them if they are free of disease like cavities, gingivitis or periodontitis, and not affecting the adjacent and opposing teeth. The patient oral hygiene and compliance to keep their 6 months recall are the other factors to consider keeping the fully erupted wisdom teeth.
Wisdom teeth are typically removed before they cause pain. What are your brushing habits? Do you floss daily? When was your last dental check up? Consult with your dentist and make a decision.
if you have adequate space to accommodate them and are in correct position meaning they came in straight and are in function, yes, you could keep them. You will need to keep in mind that you must get back there and keep them clean and healthy which is difficult for most people. long as they are not impinging on the 2nd molars. Keep them clean and you can keep them!  

Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD

Generally, if you have room for them, meaning they are fully erupted and in proper occlusion, and if you can properly clean them then yes you can keep them and there is no reason to remove them.
The answer is yes! You can keep them as long as you have room in your mouth for them, they do not crowd your existing teeth, or they are not prone to cavities. They need to be removed the minute they start having large cavities or start to cause other problems for the other teeth. You need to keep them very clean and have frequent check-ups to ensure that they are healthy.
Yes and no, needing the extractions I’d dependent on if there is any issue presently or potentially. The only way to know for sure would be with a dental consult. Sorry I couldn’t be more definitive.
It is NEVER mandatory to extract wisdom teeth. Only if there are infections or are topped and there is decay on the side of a tooth right in front of it

If you have plenty of room for the teeth, are able to keep them clean, and they are not causing any parafunctional problems (biting your cheek, causing periodontal issues,etc) I tend not to extract wisdom teeth prophykactically. If the wisdom teeth are coming in at an angle are causing issues, we extract them.

My opinion only. Always seek a licensed dentist or MD’s opinion before treatment.