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Can laying on your stomach constantly cause a miscarriage?

I am a 27 year old pregnant woman. I wonder can laying on your stomach constantly cause a miscarriage?

3 Answers

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! 9 out of 10 miscarriages are due to a genetic or chromosomal incompatibility or a faulty egg, or in many cases its a sudden drop in serum PROGESTERONE that causes the spontaneous Ab's. After ONE spontaneous AB, the obstetrician normally begins to run serum levels of the progesterone. If it begins to drop below 10 then in many cases supporting the pregnancy by giving the patient additional Progesterone can in many cases salvage the miscarriage. If the additional progesterone does not prevent the miscarriage .....then there was a fundamental genetic problem for the incompatibility and a miscarriage will ensue.
Laying on your abdomen in the first trimester of pregnancy is usually OK and comfortable. However, once the uterus has grown from the pelvis to the abdomen, it makes it almost uncomfortable to do that and I don't feel is prudent. It is better to sleep on one side or the other using a pillow behind your back to keep you from rolling onto your back in the later trimester. This can put pressure on the large blood vessel (aorta) which supplies blood to our body and subsequently to the baby which is what you should avoid.