Massage Therapist Questions Anxiety

Can a massage relieve my anxiety?

I have a lot of anxiety about a trip I'm going to take, and I can't take it any more. Do you think I should go to massage therapy? Will it help relax me and reduce my anxiety?

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Hard to say. If you are afraid of traveling, or leaving your loved ones for an extended period, the massage won’t take away your fears. Identifying the source of your anxiety, talking about it with involved parties, will help. Afterward a massage can relax the muscles that have been stressed by your emotional/mental stress..
Yes, massage therapy as wonderful as is a technique we use called Marma therapy We also use herbal therapy and aromatherapy for anyone with anxiety. You can look at many of these products@
It can help depending on the type of massage therapist you find and what else you are doing to take care of you anxiety. Meet with a local massage therapist and have a consult and find out your options.
To the Anxious person, you are not alone, as these are very anxious times. Though I am not a masseuse, I do greatly appreciate the therapeutic effects that a good massage may elicit. Anxiety, whether acute or chronic can often be multifaceted in its origins and might best be addressed through multiple approaches that could include massage. There is also meditation, exercise, diet, and counseling as well as medication for the severely anxious - but without much more information on your situation, I would strongly suggest not going on medications without being professionally evaluated by a competent physician. Hope this helps.

Yes, 100%
Anxiety can come from many sources, usually physical, mental, emotional, spiritual etc. Massages will help relieve physical stress, which can sometimes reduce the overall load enough to make you feel better. Osteopathic Treatments are even more effective than massage at achieving this goal. Identifying sources of mental, emotional, and spiritual stress, and addressing those through counseling and lifestyle modifications is critical and often overlooked in treating anxiety.
Yes it definitely will!