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Can sealants cause cavities?

I am a 41 year old female and I have sealants. I want to know if sealants can cause cavities?

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The whole purpose of placing sealants is to prevent cavities.
When done properly, sealants are meant to seal the grooves and prevent cavities.
Sealants do not “cause” cavities. But if a sealant has been in the mouth for many years, it may fail and start leaking (just like any other filling) and cavities may occur underneath. 

Sealants cannot cause cavities.
If the sealants are defective, they could contribute to bacteria trapping in the grooves of your teeth and in the future contribute to cavities. You should just get the sealants checked out by your dentist.
Sealants are used to seal the surface of the tooth to prevent cavities. They do not cause cavities. However, if the sealant is dislodged or damaged, a cavity can start in the unprotected area.
No. In fact, the purpose of sealants is to prevent cavities from forming on teeth. This is exactly why I advise all my patients to get sealants!