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Can you be sedated when pregnant?

I am a 30 year old pregnant female. I wonder if you can be sedated when pregnant?

3 Answers

Depends on what you're doing it for. I wouldn't do a pain procedure on a pregnant patient, and even if there was some reason for a procedure that proved appropriate & necessary, I wouldn't offer sedation under the circumstance. Less medication is always safest when pregnant!
Hope that answers your question.

Robert S. Marks, M.D.
It depends on risk benefits analysis of a personal situation so if you are planning to have surgery under sedation you can discuss your options with the anesthesiologists in that particular location prior to surgery by requesting a consult.So generally you can be sedated safely provided a plan is in place for an emergency situation
I have sedated pregnant women without problems. You should consult your ob/gyn if the procedure could be done with local only.