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Can you conceive children with one testicle?

I am a 24 year old male who only has one testicle and I plan on marrying my girlfriend. Will having one testicle make it harder to conceive children long-term?

5 Answers

Yes, you only need one fully normal testicle to impregnate your partner.
It shouldn't. If there is any questions, your primary care doctor can order a complete sperm analysis to be sure.
One testicle can make your sperm count lower but you can still conceive. The count can also be affected as to why you have only one testicle (ie if born with only one or last it after you went through puberty).
Fertility rates with a solitary testicle are similar to those who have both tested. If after one year of unprotected intercourse, you have not achieved pregnancy, then a visit to a fertility specialist or andrologist is warranted.
Yes, you can conceive with one testicle. If the testicle was removed for cancer, it can be harder to conceive due to the adjuvant therapy such as radiation or chemotherapy, but not simply from the absence of one testicle.