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Can you get a bridge for 3 missing teeth?

I am a 34 year old male. I want to know if you can get a bridge for 3 missing teeth?

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It depends what teeth are missing. Consult your dentist.
Maybe, but implants might be a far superior option, or a removable partial denture.
Depends on positioning of the remaining teeth as to if it will lend to proper support. I’ve seen bridges done because that’s what the patient wants (not done by me) and 5 years later it’s falling out because there wasn’t enough support.
Yes, but it really depends on the other teeth present. It is recommended to replace each missing tooth with another. Three missing teeth would require a 6 unit bridge. Again it really depends on the exact situation.

Yes, a bridge can be done if the missing tooth area has an adjacent tooth on each side of it and those teeth are in good periodontal and structural health to support the load of the 3 unit bridge. An implant is also a good option for the missing tooth area if there is enough bone height and width in that area and that way the adjacent teeth don’t have to be worked on.
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Sheena Bhatia, DDS
Sure. It will depend on the number of teeth on either side of the space. An alternative would be implants.
Yes, if you are talking about a fixed bridge, it would depend on which teeth are missing and how many teeth you have to support it on either side.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD
Of course, as long as the teeth that are retaining the bridge are strong and in good health.


Dr Fotinos
Absolutely. Some kind of teeth replacement is always possible. Sometimes it's a traditional bridge. Sometimes it's a bonded bridge. Sometimes it's an implant supported bridge. We have to look at the specific situation and come up with a great plan! For now, stay safe and stay distanced.

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Frederick E. Solomon, DMD

Yes, depending on the circumstances, bridges can be made for 3 missing teeth. However, this can get tricky depending on if the 3 missing teeth are in a row, not in a row, in a row and in the back, and what kind of teeth they are.
Bridges to replace the 4 lower front teeth are made everyday. When we start talking about back teeth is when it starts getting complicated. If the teeth are all in a row we need strong teeth with good roots on either side to help balance the forces of chewing (we do not usually chew on our front teeth, only bite into things). In this case it would be worth it to have a conversation about making an implant bridge to replace the teeth. If the teeth are not in a row this presents its own challenges and can also be replaced by implants. Hope this helps.

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William F. Scott IV, DMD