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Can you get a cavity under braces?

I am 21 year old female who will get braces soon. Can you get a cavity under braces?

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Yes, only if you do not brush and floss regularly and correctly. Usually the ortodontist or the assistant will show you how to keep an excellent hygiene during and after the braces.
Only if brackets are not properly bonded or hygiene around the brackets is inadequate.
We take a lot of pride in cavity free orthodontic treatment because of the importance we place on oral hygiene and the protection of teeth. Cavities should not occur with diligent care, but it is possible to get decay anywhere in the mouth that is not kept clean regardless of braces.
100% oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth is essential 2x a day for 2 mins.
Yes, so be extra good at your oral hygiene.
The answer is yes. The brackets and wires used to move your teeth create new places for plaque to hide. Therefore it is imperative that you up your game in terms of home hygiene care to avoid getting cavities during orthodontic treatment. Brushing and flossing often and making more frequent visits to your Dental Hygienist is a must to avoid getting cavities.
Yes, you absolutely can get a cavity under braces. In fact, your home care needs to be better than it ever has been if you are having braces put on. Your orthodontist should review this with you and they should put you on a daily fluoride rinse to help prevent cavities. Here’s an alternative to braces with a much less likelihood of forming a cavity:

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David M. Kaffey, DDS
When you have braces, you have to keep your braces clean. Patients have to brush their gum line, with a soft toothbrush and brush under your brackets, on your braces, and on top of your braces on the lower jaw. For the upper braces, you brush your gum line, back and forth from the back molar to back molar. You brush under your braces, on your braces and on top of your braces. Your can floss your teeth with a small brush, floss threaders. You can get a small toothbrush and brush around the cement that holds your brackets. You being older, know how to clean your teeth. I have seen young patients who were not interested in keeping their braces clean. When their braces were removed, yes there were cavities. You know how to take care of your teeth. The fact that you are asking questions means you want to ask what can happen. You should be okay.
Kind of, usually it can happen right around the base of the bracket but that happens as a result of poor hygiene over time during treatment
Yes, you can get cavities underneath your braces. Good oral hygiene is paramount in the prevention of that from occurring.
Yes you can get a cavity with braces, if you are not flossing in addition to brushing properly.