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Can you get braces if you need fillings?

I am a 24 year old male. I want to know if you can get braces if you need fillings?

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After filling
You can get braces before fillings but depends on where the decay is. You don't want to put a bracket on the surface of a tooth that also has decay. It is prudent, however, to start orthodontic treatment on a clean cavity free mouth.
It depends on the location of the fillings and the type of braces - it is generally best to have fillings completed prior to braces if there is active decay (cavities). If the fillings to be done are limited to the chewing surfaces then these can generally be done during braces.
It is not recommended to begin orthodontic treatment before getting cavities filled. These cavities can increase over time and become much bigger problems. If your orthodontist wants to place braces on before you get fillings you may want to consider seeing a different orthodontist.
Before you get your braces, you need to have all the cavities filled. Before getting braces, your mouth needs to be as healthy as possible.
Get the fillings done first, then get braces.
Filling first, braces only on healthy teeth.
Yes, but it is ideal to have fillings done before receiving orthodontic treatment.

Yes you can get braces if you need fillings; however, the fillings are usually done before the braces are put on. Fillings are a lot easier done without braces and it is usually best to make sure the teeth are in good health before putting braces on. Hope this helps.

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