Dentist Questions Wisdom Teeth

Can you live with wisdom teeth?

My wisdom teeth look okay, never hurt. Do I need to remove them? Can I live with wisdom teeth?

9 Answers

Many people live with their wisdom teeth.
Hello, some people do have their wisdom teeth because they had room for them an it grew in straight and proper. This visit a dental professional if this is a concern for you. Thank you for your question.
Of course you can live with wisdom teeth.
Of course. My cousin has all his!
Yes. Get a couple of professional opinions though.
Yes! Wisdom teeth are mainly recommended for extraction when you have inadequate space, ill-positioned eruption, extensive decay, or the person is a high risk for carries (cavities). Note, just because they have not hurt you does not indicate that you do not fall into any of those major categories. To be sure, you should check with your dental provider.
Yes you can. Don't remove your wisdom teeth unless there is a medically necessary reason.
Yes, as long as you are able to clean them and there are no cavities in them.
Of course if there is no pathology and they are comfortable and they are in good shape without any dental decay They could be there a lifetime

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Dr. Mark Berkowitz