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Can you swallow your dentures in your sleep?

I am a 64 year old with dentures. Can you swallow your dentures in your sleep?

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Unlikely, as your throat would have to expand quite a lot. I won't say it cannot happen but I've never heard of such.
It is very hard to swallow them!
If they are small enough, yes.

I take it this is the first time you got dentures? It is highly unlikely that you will swallow your dentures in your sleep unless you have a single tooth denture that is small. However, it is more a worry that you choke on your dentures then swallow them (even this is pretty hard to do). You should not sleep with your dentures in for a couple of other reasons as well. First, you put yourself at risk for a yeast infection in your mouth. Leaving your dentures in over night does not give your gums a chance to breath. By this, I mean you kill a bunch of the bacteria in your mouth that prevents the fungus from growing (the fungus takes over in the exact shape of your denture). Secondly, if you do not take them out over night then you have no time to clean them like they need.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
No, dentures are designed and made to fit into your mouth comfortably.
I have never heard of anyone doing so. But I’ve seen people swallow light bulbs and crazy stuff. Most people don’t sleep with them. Give your mouth a break.

Dr Jensen
A full denture is almost always to large to pass down your throat into your airway or esophogus. If you have a smaller denture that just replaces a couple of teeth it is possible for it to fall down your throat and the danger there is that many times there are metal "clasps" or hooks to engage your own teeth and they can be a serious danger if you were to ever have a small denture go into your throat. All depends on the size of the denture.
It is possible, but not likely. If the denture fractures or breaks, you may swallow pieces of the denture, which is normally made with acrylic.
It is possible, but not likely. Pieces of the denture may break and you can swallow those pieces. Dentures are normally made with acrylic, which can break.
Dentures are best worn during waking hours. Take out to sleep - to preserve your remaining jaw bone. You will not swallow your dentures, but again, they are like clothes. Take off at night and especially during sleep. Let your mouth “air out/relax.” Smile to show off your beautiful new teeth!!
I've never heard of such a thing.
Anything in life is a possibility! We always recommend you take your dentures out when you sleep to prevent this, but also to give your tissues a break. It is the same as wearing your shoes everyday and not taking them off when you go to sleep. Make sure to brush your dentures every night just like you would your normal teeth. After brushing you can leave your dentures in a cup with denture cleanser to clean over night.