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Can you whiten a damaged tooth?

I am a 39 year old male with some cracked teeth. I still want to whiten them to improve the appearance. Can you whiten a damaged tooth?

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Yes, damaged teeth can be whitened.
Good question and it is tough to answer without seeing the tooth. When I think of a "damaged" or cracked tooth, I think about large fillings. If the tooth is mostly filling, you might not notice much difference whitening. I would also ask if the tooth is sensitive already. If it is, whitening could make it even more sensitive. If it is an asymptomatic cracked tooth that is scheduled for a crown in the future and you just want to whiten prior, you should be fine.

Hope this helps,

Jossi Stokes, DDS
See your dentist and have the cracks on your teeth fixed. Your teeth may look surprisingly whiter once the cracks are fixed. You may still need to whiten some of your teeth. Ask your dentist about what options you have.
You can whiten teeth that still have enamel and dentin structures showing. If you have crowns in the mouth, those will not whiten.