Chiropractor Questions Back Pain

What is causing my random back pain?

I am having a lot of random back pain and I am not understanding the reason for it as I havent injured it or been in any accident. Could you please advise what tests I should do?

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A good chiropractor would be able to help you figure this out. A detailed history is needed. What do you do for work, what are your hobbies, how old are you, what is your family history, do you exercise, how is your diet, what medications are you taking, and many other questions need to be answered in order to figure out your random back pain. A good exam would need to be done to further investigate. Maybe x-rays need to be taken.

Regardless, pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. You need to get it checked out.
I would consider other common stressors as the source of your pain: poor posture, sitting long periods, poor mattress, driving, improper lifting or exercise form, old injuries, etc. Getting an evaluation by your chiropractor or PT could help to identify the source of your pain and give treatments and suggestions on how to avoid that in the future.
Only an exam and X-rays could tell you.
Pain can also come from repetitive type injuries over time or postural deficiencies. I would recommend going to a chiropractor for an examination for an answer specific to your body.
Only motion X-rays, or views in extension and flexion can answer this. Even if you have a disc problem, as most people do, this is NOT the most common cause. Also, run an ANA arthritis profile.
Intermittent low back pain is indicative of some misalignment in your spine and it comes randomly when your probably under stressed or you performed a physical task or you kind of made some quick movements wihout realizing it and also bending in an awkward twisted position may trigger the random pain you are having from time to time. The solution for you would be to be assessed by a chiropractor and he may recommend some spinal manipulation with specific exercises to strengthen the area of weakness.
It is hard to provide a thorough explanation without more detail (such as location, duration, intensity of your pain). However, random musculoskeletal pain could be a result of nutritional deficiencies.

It’s hard to say just from the information you are giving here. There can be many reasons for random back pain especially without clear injuries or trauma.I would advise you to make an appointment with your chiropractor so that he/she can do a full examination and, if needed, have you do more testing like X-rays, MRI, or any other diagnostic test you would need to be able to get a clear picture of what’s going on.

It may also be nothing serious and the chiropractor will be able to provide treatment to relieve your pain right away. If there is no underlying disease and it is found to be musculoskeletal related, your chiropractor will be able to apply adjustments, do some muscle work and give you some home stretching/exercises that you can keep yourself stable and stay in optimal health.

Feel free to reach out to your chiropractor if you have any further question/concerns, but the best way to diagnose the exact cause of your back pain is to get a full evaluation from your chiropractor.

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Dr. Jessica Grichy, DC
A full physical and orthopedic exam will help to determine the cause of the problem. Some cases, some imaging will be order for further assessment.
There are several things that could cause this, would need more details. First, I would start by seeing a chiropractor. Evaluate you. You do not have to have had an actual injury to your back to experience back pain. Definitely need a chiropractor to evaluate it.
Good luck.
Tests are almost never recommended for back pain unless there are specific red flags (high cancer risk, loss of muscle function, unrelenting pain after several weeks). You should be evaluated by a manual practitioner such as a chiropractor, osteopathic doctor, physical therapist or massage therapist and they will effectively treat you. There are good and bad providers within each speciality so ask for recommendations but there is really no role for imaging for most people.