Cardiologist Questions Chest Pain

My husband is complaining of chest pain. Is it a cardiac problem or is it acidity?

How can one make out the difference between chest pain due to acidity and actual cardiac pain? I am getting worried that he is constantly complaining of this chest pain for the last few days but I do not want to randomly jump to any conclusions. Please help.

3 Answers

Could be either.
Risk factors are important. Exertional chest pain are mostly cardiac and chest pain after eating or laying down is most likely GI related. He should see a doctor, so they can ask more questions and figure out which one is it. If it is cardiac, you don’t want to ignore it.
Sounds like acid as cardiac pain comes and goes, associated with activity, has special character, ekg changes, blood test issues, a history and physical can determine. Sounds like reflux, but would see a cardiologist.