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Is a chiropractor helpful in treating kids?

My son is 5 years old and he seems to be having some kind of a pain when walking. He is unable to walk straight. Will a chiropractor be helpful in understanding his problem and suggesting a possible treatment?

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Here at dimonda chiropractic we are certified in chiropractic pediatrics. In addition to the benefit in treating pregnant women, children benefit greatly with chiropractic care when is is necessary. With what you have mentioned about your 5 year old son, he may have hurt himself by some activity, or he may have fallen during play. He needs a chiropractic bio-mechanical evaluation and x-rays to determine what spinal segments are out of place. A word of precaution: do not let you son go unchecked, as he will not out-grow this present problem, and it can express itself later on in his adult life, causing greater nerve problems.
Yes. A chiropractor can examine and analyze what may be going on.
Absolutely! Children respond very well to chiropractics.
Your son can be evaluated by a chiropractor. It is common for children to have problems like your son. Children have countless number of falls and spills that although they don't result in serious injury, can cause subluxations. Chiropractic is safe, affordable, and a natural way to heal the body. Chiropractic can prevent long term distortions that if caught early enough can prevent illnesses and diseases. Look for a chiropractor who is ICPA certified, these doctors have advance training in treating maternity and pediatrics.
Yes. We see several pediatric patients in our practice. We are a scoliosis specialty clinic, have your kid evaluated in our clinic or someone else's.
Absolutely. Seek out a doctor that specializes in pediatrics care. Go.To the website and see who is in your area by zipcode. They should give plenty of choices. Best of health to you and your son.
Yes, a Chiropractor that specializes in extremity conditions would be recommended for your son. Some Chiropractors only adjust the spine and although that is very helpful, your son needs additional assessments of his lower extremities. A complete history and exam would be required to fully assess your son and provide you possible treatment options.
Absolutely! However, when it comes to managing your child's condition, it is always better to have a team of physician's from the different disciplines of healthcare to work together in unison to provide the best available care for your child.

Think of it this way, when you have a network of physician's all working together for a common goal which is much better as opposed to when you only have one particular type of physician. Like the old saying goes, "2 heads are better than 1." In the situation that I'm envisioning, 3-4 heads is much better than 1.

And so for your 5 year old, the answer would be absolutely yes that a chiropractor can be of help to your child but it would be of great benefit to your child if the chiropractor that you chose would be open to referring you to physician's in the other musculoskeletal disciplines to provide the best care for your child as possible.

Also, be wary of the chiropractors that are not keen enough to consider the immaturity of your child's musculoskeletal system and they just get your 5 year old into different positions and start torquing that body into different contorting positions. That is not my philosophy as to how I would go about treating a young child.

Personally, with a keen understanding that until the child's growth plates are closed, than your child's musculoskeletal system is considered to still be growing and immature. That means that it is not all completely calcified into bone. Especially in a 5 year old, there are many portions that are still cartilaginous that are maturing into calcified bone.

When one start messing with a child's maturation of their musculoskeletal system by manual chiropractic manipulations, there's a possibility that the chiropractor can stunt the growth of the child. So how would I go about with my manipulation of this 5 year old?

It has been proven that with application the "Activator technique" on the lowest setting, that this particular technique the most non-invasive, however it is also he most efficient method to manipulate the subluxated segments back into its normal resting position, thus allowing for the maximal nerve supply to the cells and tissues thus maximizing the overall musculoskeletal homeostasis and allowing for the child's optimal growth.
Yes, I myself have treated many children with problems like this, it usually is a lower back problem.
Take your son to a chiropractor that specializes using The Activator method. Go to find a doc
Yes. Bringing your five year old to see a chiropractor is totally normal. We see many children in our office ranging from a few weeks old to young adults. As for treatment, if a proper exam and history is completed that doctor of chiropractic would be able to tell you whether your sons ailment is within his or her scope of treatment. I have seen and helped many children with similar symptoms.
I do believe that a chiropractor can help with that issue. In particular, you can look for a pediatric chiropractor or orthopedic chiropractor as they are specialty trained in these types of things for children of that age. They should do a comprehensive evaluation of him and treat accordingly.
Yes they would. All chiropractors treat children but there are those that specialize in chiropractic pediatrics. The American Chiropractic Association and the websites will be helpful in finding a doctor close to you.
Yes, a chiropractor can assess your son to determine what is causing his problem and provide recommendations to correct it.

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Most Chiropractors work with children, I see them daily. These are issues we work with all the time in many age groups!
It's the best thing to keep kids healthy. I adjust my own kids when they need it... Remember you only get one spine, so taking care of it as a kid will set up your future.
Most definitely, yes.
An exam is most definitely needed to answer that question appropriately. A Chiropractor absolutely analyses how someone walks and moves, and the exam will determine if it's musculoskeletal, as well as X-rays of the spine to see if there is a congenital or anatomical compromise as well. Hope this helps.

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I would suggest you take him to an orthopedic and if they do not find anything majorly wrong, then take him to a chiropractor.

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Yes, chiropractic can help children. A thorough history and neurological and orthopedic exam would help determine what is causing the pain and if chiropractic would benefit your 5 year old. Chiropractic has helped many children with treatment.

I would be happy to participate in the care of your son and help in in treating pain he is experiencing, causing him to be unable to walk straight. Feel free to make an appointment.

Dr Mary Jean Negri

Yes, or they should anyway.
I believe a chiropractic exam will shed a lot of light on this mystery, call my office 636 946 2244.
Yes. A good Chiropractor should be able to examine and properly diagnose the problem. After diagnosis, the Chiropractor should make the decision to either treat the ailment or refer your son to the appropriate specialist.
This is a great question. Can chiropractics be helpful for children? The answer is yes. I have treated as young as 2 days old. They had weak muscles in the neck from child birth. We always do an examination on the patient to see what is causing the problem. Sometimes we even take X-rays to rule out other issues. Most of the time, a few adjustments will get him out of pain when walking.
It could very well be a simple diagnosis and treatment for your child. Kids are prone to spinal misalignments (which chiropractors call "subluxations") from their many falls, bumps and bruises. They also respond very well to conservative chiropractic care. The longer treatment is delayed, the more time the body has to heal out of alignment.
Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear about your kiddo. Chiropractic can be beneficial for children. Chiropractors specialize in the musculoskeletal systems and can evaluate and suggest possible treatment options. Treatment should not take long (4-6 visits) and is a great resource if your kiddo is ever experiencing problems. Contrary to some in the profession, the treatment of children for "wellness" of non-symptomatic care is not supported by research and is not recommended.
Yes. We would need to do an evaluation to find out if it is a misalignment of the spine or something else to know for sure.
Chiropractors are trained to treat back related issues no matter what the age. I have many children as patients. So, yes. By all means, take your child to a chiropractor for evaluation and treatment. It will be safe and effective.