Neurologist (Pediatric) Questions Migraine

Chronic migraines in children. Is it serious?

My daughter is constantly getting migraines and it's very concerning. She's only 9 years old. Right now, we have Tylenol to help but it does little. Is this serious, you think?

5 Answers

“Migraines” in childhood should be thoroughly investigated. Allergy, stress, eye problems, refractory errors, constipation, or, lastly, tumors.
Reoccurring headaches and children is an unusual occurrence and cause for concern. Treating at home for frequent headaches is just treating the symptom and not the cause It is important to have the child evaluated by a neurologist and then put on medication if indeed these are migraines
Migraines can occur at this age and younger, If you are treating them more than 2 times a week and they are causing her to miss school or activities you need to see about preventative meds. She needs to be on a migraine diet also
Migraines are very debilitating headaches, and can cause the person to miss school, or other activities. She should be seen by a Pediatric Neurologist to discuss the symptoms, possible triggers, lifestyle adjustments, and treatments. Since Tylenol is not working, there are other potential treatments to discuss.
It’s not an easy answer. Have her headaches been diagnosed as migraines? Are they severe headaches of another cause? She needs a full evaluation by her primary physician and possibly a pediatric neurologist.