Sports Medicine Specialist Questions Wrist Injuries and Disorders

Can I use a compression wrap for a wrist injury?

I fell down on my hand and now my wrist hurts. The pain isn't sharp but it's constant and dull. Is it advisable to use a compression wrap for my injury?

3 Answers

Rest, ice, and compression are helpful. But, if persistent pain for 2-3 days after a fall, you may want to see a physician and obtain an X-ray, if indicated.
Several types of injury may result from falling on your hand. One in particular, fracture of the scaphoid bone, may result in chronic disability if not diagnosed and treated on a timely basis. Pain from a scaphoid fracture is located on the thumb side of the wrist. See your primary care physician without delay if you have that symptom.
Otherwise most wrist injuries gradually improve with time and benefit from partial rest. A non-compression wrap or splint is helpful if it enforces partial rest.
In the first 1-3 days, a compression wrap may be helpful to limit swelling. There is no other benefit from compression and after 2-3 days there is absolutely no benefit at all from compression.
Pain that has not been improving and completely resolved by two weeks after injury needs evaluation by your primary care physician.
Yes, try supporting your wrist and icu. Ingle it 10 min daily. If not improved after a week, then seek out a sports medicine specialist for possible occult fracture or ligament injury.