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Why am I constantly gaining weight?

I have been gaining a lot of weight, despite exercising and controlling my diet. What could be wrong? Could this be because of an imbalance with something?

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an imbalance includes diet, exercise, sleep, sedentary lifestyle, circadian rhythm, hygiene of life ... it is necessary to make efforts to balance all this ca ... the least concern to contact me.
What is the rate of your weight gain? Have you tried calorie counting? In normal individuals, there is a clear and non-mutable connection between the energy you consume in the energy you expend. If you consume less energy than you expend, you will lose weight. There are certain conditions in which this balance is disturbed, and one of them has to do with the assumption of antidepressant drugs. If you count your calories, and quantify your energy expenditure, and you find that you really are not eating more than you are expending, then you should see your doctor.
Hi! First I recommend a TSH test in order to evaluate your thyroid function, since it could be a possibility that you can have hypothyroidism. I recommend that you go to a nutritionist as well since sometimes we believe that we are eating healthy when in fact we are not. I recommend to go to your primary care physician in order to discard any hormonal disturbance.