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Could I become pregnant?

Since and during my 3 kids before 2012 I've been irregular. Last 3 months I've been regular, does this mean I could fall pregnant? I have always been irregular during my past hearts since 2012. I've been regular for the last 3 months does this mean I'm ready to conceive?

Female | 32 years old
Medications: Asthma pump
Conditions: Heart mumour, one kidney

6 Answers

You can become pregnant at any time but having regular periods means you are ovulating every month. You have several medical problems which should be addressed prior to becoming pregnant.

Regular cycles just mean you are probably ovulating. However, you need hormone tests, ultrasound, and your partner needs sperm test.

Seang Lin Tan, MBBS, FRCOG, FRCSC, FACOG, MMed (O & G), MBA
Best way to answer this question is by doing it the old fashioned way: check you basal body temperature and chart it every morning on a BBT chart. BBT charts are available online, so find one that expands the temperature range from 97.0 to 100.0 in 0.1 degree increments with each graph as long as 35-40 days and graph each cycle out. It’s important to take your temp every morning at the same time of morning, BEFORE YOU GET OUT OF BED and then record the temp on the graph. Your body temp will rise approx. 0.8degrees with ovulation (after LH surge) and will remain elevated until it either drops with your period or remains elevated which may mean you are pregnant. So, if your temp goes up and stays up, then you are ovulating. Remember, sperm can remain active in your female tract up to 7 days pre-ovulation, but will only be active up to 36hr post-ovulation so you are ‘dangerous’ before you even think you are.

Another technique is to ‘pee on a stick’; this means an over-the-counter ovulation stick similar to a urine pregnancy test. They are available at the dollar store, but your dollar store may be out of stock during the COVID-19 lockdown or not open, so call around and get the best price. It also means that you need to start checking a few days before mid-cycle until you see a definite change or + ovulation on the stick.

Both of these techniques can be done at home without the guidance of your doctor. However, if you have any questions, send a picture on your phone or upload to an e-mail to your doctor’s office and ask the expert.
Hope this helps.
It is possible. To best know, use the clear blue ovulation kit which will better help with timing of your ovulation, which is needed in order to get pregnant.

Typically women wit regular periods have a better chance to determine when ovulation occurs. If your cycles are regularized then you can use an ovulation kit to track when ovulation occurs. Remember the egg lasts for only 12 hours which means that assuming you have a 28 day cycle day from day 9 to Day 19 of your fertile is your fertile period and you should be sexually active during that time.

Well, typically, if you are "regular," it usually means that you are ovulating regularly. However, having irregular periods does not mean that you cannot get pregnant, it may just mean that you are ovulating irregularly. So, the bottom line is that you are typically fertile regardless of how regular your periods are.

Joseph A. Adashek, MD FACOG