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Can regular consumption of cranberry juice keep a UTI away?

I once had a urinary tract infection, so I'm pretty worried about it relapsing. Will regular consumption of cranberry juice help me keep a UTI away?

5 Answers

There are some clinical studies that show that cranberry may help reduce the incidence of cystitis, but this still remains controversial.
Yes, cranberry does help to prevent certain bacteria that cause UTIs.
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Cranberry juice makes you thirsty and you drink more water. More water is the real cure not cranberry.
A few studies suggest that an acidified urine may help to prevent some infections. Larger trials to look at cranberry juice have found no beneficial effect from drinking the juice in order to prevent infection or stones.
Yes, cranberry juice can help prevent a UTI by stopping certain bacteria sticking to the wall of the bladder. Cranberry tablets work in the same way. To find out more ways on how to prevent uti please see my website daviesurology.co.nz<http://daviesurology.co.nz>